Cast bronze/aluminum Overview

For a sense of permanency and architectural depth, consider the classic look of cast and precision tooled bronze, brass or aluminum plaques, logos and emblems. Ideal for professional offices, university and government buildings, and commemorative uses, these plaques are available in 16 different finishes, including polished, painted or oxidized. Using only the purest, lead-free alloys, cast and precision tooled plaques are available in various depths.
For added detail and dimension, a bas relief casting can be added to your commemorative plaque. Working from a clay mold based on your submitted photograph, skilled craftsmen will create a raised likeness of your image and cast it for attachment to your plaque.

Please feel free to send us an email regarding any questions you have and we would love to help find the right cast bronze or aluminum plaque for you, your company, event, or special occasion.

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Cast bronze example 1

  • Precision

  • tooled bronze

  • custom shape

  • brushed finish

  • black stipple texture background.


cast bronze example 2

  • Precision tooled bronze

  • Bas relief image

  • Brushed finish

  • Single line border

  • Brown sand texture.


cast aluminum example 3

  • Precision tooled aluminum

  • Brushed finish

  • Single line border

  • Red and blue stipple texture.